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What is the difference between Instant Repricing and 15 Minutes Repricing?

BQool Support
BQool Support
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The main difference between instant repricing and 15-minute repricing is that BQool completes the Repricing calculation and sends back the final price adjustment to Seller Central instantly or within 15 minutes when BQool receives SQS report from Amazon.

That being said, when it comes to the processing time Amazon updates the SQS, or the timing that BQool receives the SQS from Amazon, BQool cannot affect these speeds.  

Please note that BQool will update the repricing activity only if competitors change their price. Additionally, if the system determines that it is not necessary to trigger repricing mechanics, no price adjustment will be conducted.   

Sometimes, there will be a delay in receiving the SQS report from Amazon, which inevitably affects the functionality of the repricing mechanics.

In this circumstance, users can manually lower or raise “Your Price+Shipping” within $0.01 on the BQool end to trigger Amazon sending the SQS to BQool.

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