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Buy Box Win Percentage on Manage Listing Page

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Buy Box Win Percentage on Manage Listing Page is a metric designed to help users assess the effectiveness of current pricing rules in the present market. We collect and analyze the Amazon reports on a listing based on Price History. For example, if the win percentage is 100%, it means that the listing has held the Buy Box the majority of the time when Amazon sent SQS reports.

Our intention is that this number serves as a reliable metric for users to assess their repricing rules and strategies. It doesn't offer any form of prediction but rather offers a retrospective view of the effectiveness of their pricing strategies.

Essentially, Buy Box win percentage shows how frequently this listing has held the Buy Box for a certain period when Amazon sent SQS reports. 

☛ Formula: the number of SQS reports with the Buy Box ownership status received in one day/the number of all the SQS reports received in one day (UTC 00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59)

For example: If the system has received 100 SQS reports for a particular day and 50 of those reports indicate that the listing is in possession of the Buy Box, the Buy Box win percentage for that day would be 50%. 

On the other hand, if the system doesn't receive any SQS reports for the given day, the Buy Box win percentage calculation would be based on the absence of data, resulting in a 0% Buy Box win percentage.

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