BigMovers Scoring System


BigMovers Scoring System summarizes the potential of a variety of products for the users to make a better-informed decision for future investment.  

Using Big Data and intelligent algorithms, it sifts through a database of more than 10 million records from BigTracker and forecasts the potential of products and assesses them based on their viability and selling potential.  

The BigMovers Scoring System can be found under the "Product Tracker" and "Product Research" sections.   

The BigMovers Feature in Product Research 

The BigMovers Feature in Product Tracker 

The BigMovers Scoring System is a spectacular product sales performance indicator, forecasting the potential success of a product. It is great for Amazon newbies, arbitragers and Brand Sellers alike.    

Under the BigMovers header is a score for each product (on a scale of 1-99), which summarizes the potential of a product for sellers to easily observe the projected success of a product and respond to the product scores with further actions like tracking the product or using Attach Listings feature. The design of "Scoring" prevents you from wasting resources selling "low" scoring products.    

A "high" score (80-99) indicates that a product will relatively out-perform any perceived competition and suggests that sellers invest in the near future.   

A "low" score (1-20) indicates these products are perhaps not currently in demand in the market and suggests no action for sellers who are scouting for products opportunities.   

"No score" means these products are not yet included in BigMovers big data analytics.   

For the Brand Seller,  

They make use of BigMovers scoring system, investing in high-score products to sell and make the product scouting process as easy as possible.  

For the newbie Seller whose monthly revenue is less than 150,000,   

They can use BigMover to locate hot selling products in the "high" scoring golden zone. They can avoid products with a score below 20, reducing the precious time and the monetary cost of trial and error.    

For the Arbitragers,

They can promptly identify potential hot products with our intuitive scoring system and use Attach Listing feature to quickly list it to their Amazon seller accounts as seen below.



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