Advanced tips on matching customer names with Order ID


In a perfect world, the reviewers would use their real/full names as Pen Names. In that case, our system will list the best matches at the top of the list when you click on Find Order ID. However, there are times when reviewers use nicknames as Pen Names, and it will be difficult for sellers to find the correct customer to resolve negative reviews. In this article, we will offer some tips on how to Find Order ID.

(See the basics of Find Order ID here)


To begin, click on reviewer’s Pen Name, which will direct you to their Amazon Profile. On the profile page, you can click on the wishlist(s) and look for possible real names to begin your search.

Example: Click on “Amazon Customer” > “Wishlist #1”, and you might find a possible name “Andie P.”


You can then go to Actions>Find Order ID and begin your search. You can conduct your search using the information you have gathered either from the reviewer’s profile page or use the Pen Name.


Quick Tip #1: Broadening the date range to get more possible matches.

Quick Tip #2: Search in both Buyer Name and Recipient Name.


More tips for searching:

1. Nicknames / Partial Name / Variation of Names

Some users rename their wishlist(s) to nicknames. They may also use partial names or variations of their names online.


  • Dubya for Wayne,
  • Liz for Elizabeth
  • Jen for Jennifer or Dan for Daniel
  • Shellie for Shelly or Jim for James

2. Initials

Some users may simply use initials as Pen Name. Try looking for Buyer or Recipient Names that may match the initials.


  • CDV for Celine Dana Vasquez
  • tmk for Toby Milton Kim

3. First name only

Sometimes, a person might have married and changed their last name, or they might have simply used either first name or last name to order. For example, search for “Andie” only instead of “Andie P” as she might have married or changed her last name.

4. Last name only

It is always possible that someone in the family ordered something and addressed it to someone else. If the Amazon profile has several first name only wishlists, try searching with only last name to see if you get a match. It is also a possibility that one person in the household bought the product but another person wrote the review.


  • Amazon profile has 3 wishlists with names Danny, Brandon, and James. The main profile page says Melinda Krause. These could be Melinda’s boys. Try searching for the last name Krause and see if there are any matches.

5. Address in Amazon Profile

Some users may list their state and/or city in their profile. If you have narrowed down the orders by the first name, but cannot pinpoint which one, you may look on the profile to see if this information is available, then check the shipping addresses of the orders to find a possible match.





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