Profit Calculator - Updated!


Note: this is an "estimation" of the total of your Amazon selling cost and profit margin. 

You can utilize the Price Calculator to figure out what your Min and Max Prices should be. Click on the calculator icon under the Min Price or Max Price column to open the calculator interface.


 The Price Calculator shows the following information:

  • Fulfillment: there will be an FBA or FBM icon indicating the fulfillment type for this listing.
  • Product Cost: the combined cost of the product. This should be the same figure as the number in the Cost column.
  • Actual Shipping Cost: if the listing is FBM, you can enter the actual shipping cost here.
  • Amazon Referral Fee: Amazon Referral Fee is dependent on the listing category and based off of the MWS Fee Estimate Report. Essentially this is Amazon's estimation, so it is not always 100% accurate.
  • Closing Fee: if Amazon closing fee applies, it will appear here.
  • FBA Fulfillment Fees: if the listing is FBA, Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) fee is shown here.

When you have entered Product Cost ( and Actual Shipping Cost for FBM listings), press Enter or click the reload icon to go to process with the calculation. 

You can either:

  • Input a Min or Max Price, and hit Enter to see what your profit margin or ROI would be,


  • Input what profit margin or ROI you wish to achieve and hit Enter to see what your min and max prices need to be.

After you click the reload button all three fields will update. When you are done editing your min or max price, click Save. Your min or max price will be saved in Repricing Central.



Profit Calculator for the listings that are Inactive or Missing Shipping

Due to changes in Amazon's API starting July 28, 2016, we no longer are able to calculate the full fee that Amazon will charge on the inactive listings because of missing shipping. The shipping will usually be available around 24-48 hours later.

You should see the shipping price display like this 

Now during the wait time you will still be able to use the Profit Calculator. All you need to do is enter the shipping that you set up in your Seller Central manually at the top of the calculator.

Note: Once the listing becomes active, BQool will automatically override the manually entered shipping data with the latest data from the Listings Report. 


When you see the message: "Missing shipping weight"

When the Missing shipping weight message pops out, it means that Amazon does not have the necessary shipping information to estimate your FBA fee. Therefore, we are unable to calculate the proper cost for that particular listing. 

You can either wait until the Fulfillment Center to update the dimension and shipping weight or you can try entering it in your Seller Central. Please go to your Seller Central, under Inventory > Manage Inventory > Edit the listing that is missing the shipping weight.

Next, go to the "More Details" tab where you can find the fields to enter the information.

Note: Please make sure the Advanced View, at the upper right, is turned on.

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