EU VAT Invoices - Update


EU VAT invoicing for sales in European marketplaces just got a whole lot easier. Our EU VAT Invoice Generator is simple to set-up. First, log into an EU marketplace. Then, follow these steps: Settings > EU VAT Invoices


Expand Create & Deliver EU VAT invoices to fill out the information about your campaign to get started.



For EU VAT Invoices, BQool has created 6 professional templates for you to choose from. Click on the template to preview it in the pop-up window. 

  • Depended on the different marketplaces the invoice will be local language. For example, Amazon FR buyers will receive French VAT Invoice and Amazon DE buyers will receive German VAT invoice.

Click the Edit button (pencil icon) to see the various template options, and click on the template to preview it. Make a selection by clicking the Select button, then click Save


Enter your company details, including: Company Name, Address, Country, Phone, and Email, into the fields. This information will be automatically inserted into the invoice template.


VAT Invoice Number 

 You can assign the starting of the invoice number for your VAT invoice. If you are new to our VAT invoice service you can just customize the Invoice to continuous from the invoice number you been using. All you need to do is click the Edit icon  then enter the invoice serial style.

Note: please keep in mind if you have already using BQool to generating the VAT invoice, it is not necessary to set up this setting. The system will show the latest number as of Sept. 26, 2016. However, if you still want to changing the invoice number, we recommend you to add a few hundreds to the number to avoid issue different orders with the same VAT invoice number. 

VAT Rate & Country

Our EU VAT Invoice allows you to either charge VAT rate based on buyer's country or seller's country.

For seller's country, you may select your country from the drop-down menu.

Schedule - ! Update ! 

You can turn on your VAT invoices to go out automatically to buyers by fulfillment type. When a buyer requests for an individual VAT invoice, you can manually send VAT invoices to those buyers by choosing the option below:

 Note: when an order ID manually send out an invoice the Auto sending will not send another invoice, but the manual option can always work even a invoice has already been sent.

To send a one-time VAT invoice to the buyer, click Add VAT Invoice, then enter the Order ID.

Under the situation of B2B transaction, you can also enter respective VAT information of the Business buyer base on located country 



For all outgoing invoices, check the box and enter your email address to send a copy to yourself for record keeping purposes. 


Important: Please refer to the VAT Settings to complete the EU VAT Invoice settings.  

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