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Default Email Campaign

Our system has included several Default Email Campaign for you upon signup. However, you’re always welcome to create your own email Campaign.

You can create a new campaign by clicking Add New Campaign or edit previously created campaign by clicking Actions > Edit. Clicking on either of these options will allow you to view the campaign settings.

Note: Be aware that you can only edit one campaign at a time. If you open two tabs for the different campaigns, only the most recently opened campaign will be saved.

The system provides 13 default Email campaigns. Users can activate whichever Campaigns they want.

Each campaign has 3 different status tags: Active, Pause, and Test. Only the Active Campaign will send solicitation emails to Buyers. The Campaigns under the Test status will only send emails to the designated email address linked to your account.

Email Campaign has many different functions to operate. Please click on Actions for more settings.  

  • View / Edit: View the default campaign or edit the campaign you created
  • Copy: Create a copy of the campaign
  • Delete: Delete the campaigns you created
  • Send Test Email: Send a test email to yourself
  • Move to Folder: Organize your campaigns

Please Note: The Default Campaigns are view only and cannot be edited. If you’d like to customize the template, simply make a copy the Default Campaign to edit the email template.

Email Campaign Setup  

Under the campaign setup interface, you can follow these five steps.

1. Setup: You will need to enter a Campaign Name and Campaign Description. We recommend that you set the Campaign Status at Test. Also, set up your sender email. Make sure the email you enter is registered as an approved sender with Amazon. Otherwise, Amazon will block the email, and the buyers will not receive it.

2. Template: There are a number of email templates and background themes to choose from for the new Campaign.

    • Email Templates - Choose the blank template to start from scratch or copy and paste a template that you already own. Otherwise, select the template that best suits your needs. 

  • Background Themes - Pick the most suitable design for your email campaign.

  • Saved Template - You can choose from one of the templates that you have previously saved


New feature - upload customized template

  • Background Themes - Pick the most suitable design for your email campaign. “Add theme” allows users to upload their customized templates.

3. Content: Whether you decide to use your own template or select from one of our templates, there are three key tools under the content step that will help make your email campaign stand out.

The Order ID variable can be inserted into the email subject directly.If you want to include the buyer name in the subject line, please copy the variable in the content {{buyer_full_name}} and then paste in the subject line.After you are satisfied with the subject line and email body, you can use the following tools to improve your campaign further. 

Variable - You can insert variables into the email to display specific order information for the individual buyer. We grouped available variables into six categories. Please click on the category to expand the list of available variables.

  • Attachment - Popular attachments to send to buyers are often recipe books and user manuals. Please refer to the upload guideline.
    1. You need to first upload the file using the blue + logo 
    2. Click on the attached file to insert the file into your email body
    3. The file name should show up as a variable
    4. Once the file is uploaded to the Cloud base, it is not yet included in the template. Therefore, after you upload the file, please choose a position to insert the attachment variable. Only then, the file will appear on the email.

  • Save as Template - If you like this email template you created, save it as a template for future use. Please click on the save button in the bottom left-hand side.

Now you can preview the email before you move to the next stage by clicking the Preview icon.

4. Filters: There are many filters available to target more specific customers. Please remember to select the correct options after toggling one of the Filters. Please visit Email Campaign Filters for more information. 

  • Exclude/Include orders with promotion/ship promotion filters are created to avoid request Product Review on promotional order to comply with Amazon's guidelines. Please know that if you turn on include promotion orders then the emails will only create the orders applied to promotion.

Note: There are two filters that require extra authorization from Seller Central account. Please refer to the Positive Feedback Integration support article for details   

There are three other events below that will automatically send the campaign emails to the buyers. Only one event can be turned on for the same campaign.

  • Remove Negative Feedback: Automatically send an email after a customer leaves a negative feedback (one and two star). 

    Remove Neutral Feedback: Automatically send an email after a customer leaves a neutral (three-star) feedback. 

  • Late Shipment: Automatically send an email if a shipment is due to arrive late. You can set when to send the email according to the order date.

5. Schedule: There are three settings you can set for your campaign schedule.

  • Pending period of FBA Orders
    Note: The delivery option is only available for FBA orders
  • Pending period of FBM Orders
  • Email Delivery Time: as soon as possible or a fixed time at particular time zone

Lastly, please do not forget to Save Campaign when you are done. Unlike the default Campaign, the Campaign that you created or copied can be edited at any time.


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