[New] Email Campaign Set Up with Revolutionary AI-driven technology


Email Campaign Setup  

Under the campaign setup interface, you can follow these five steps.
Users are able to save Campaign adjustments anytime when editing the Email campaign. Before the Feedback Central 2.3 update, users would’ve to go through the final step: schedule to save the campaign changes. Now, the users can directly save the campaign changes at any point of the Campaign setup.   

Please refer to the following 5 step procedures to configure your campaign. 

1. Setup

2. Template

3. Content

4. Filter

5. Schedule


1. Setup: (Back to the Top)

You will need to enter a Campaign Name and Campaign Description. We recommend that you set the Campaign Status at Test.

Also, please include BQool email to Amazon Approved sender email list in Seller Central. Make sure the BQool email is registered as an approved sender with Amazon. Otherwise, Amazon will block the feedback/review request emails sent by BQool, and the buyers will not receive them.


2. Template (Back to the Top)

Template: Feedback/ Review temple all on one setting.

BQool reorganizes the template selection layouts and aggregates the feedback and review templates all in one setting. You can easily select whichever feature-packed template fits your campaign preference.

Local language for each marketplace

BQool provides a set of templates for non-English speaking marketplaces that lets sellers use the marketplace’s local language when sending emails.

 The picture below illustrates the email template from the ES marketplace.

  • Background Themes

    Pick the most suitable design for your email campaign.

  • Saved Template - You can choose from one of the templates that you have previously saved


New feature - upload customized template

  • Background Themes - Pick the most suitable design for your email campaign. “Add theme” allows users to upload their customized templates.

3. Content: (Back to the Top)

Whether users decide to use their own templates or select from one of our templates, there are three key tools under the content step that will help make the email campaign stand out.

The Order ID variable can be inserted into the email subject directly.If you want to include the buyer name in the subject line, please copy the variable in the content {{buyer_full_name}} and then paste in the subject line.

[New ] AI-Powered Subject

The latest feature of subject editing utilizes powerful and sophisticated AI technology. Users can still edit their own Email subject title. Conveniently, users can click on the AI-Powered Email Subject feature and allow BQool’s advanced algorithm to craft the Email subject title by using big data analysis and the best industry knowledge in the customer care feedback realm.


Please select the type of subject corresponding to the purpose of the Email Campaign by clicking on the “Subject Type” drop-down menu. Next, simply toggle on the AI-Powered Email Subject feature. The AI will sift through and analyze our database of more than 10 thousand usage effectiveness records and create the optimal email subject to boost customer open rate.

Please note the AI-Powered Subject feature is only available for plan subscription starting at the $50 monthly subscription. The system will notify users proactively when there is a need for a planned upgrade for this AI-Powered Subject feature.

Amazon Buy-seller Messaging Guidelines Update

BQool has added a new reminder for the users when crafting the email content. Please also avoid any links to the Amazon product detail pages or Seller’s own storefront in accordance with Amazon Buy-seller Messaging Guidelines.


After you are satisfied with the subject line and email body, you can use the following tools to improve your campaign further. 

Tool Bar

Insert a Picture+Link
Attach Screenshot
Insert a Message with Link


You can change the size of the content window for easy editing.
Simply hover the mouse icon on the bottom right triangle icon. A Resize notice will appear. You can change the size of the content window by dragging the triangle downward.



The new toolbar at the top of the content window is designed to help you quickly find the formatting you need to better shape the way you want to communicate with the email receiver.

Some tools that are worth mentioning include text styles, content alignment (left, center, right, justified), indentation, images, links and HTML code customization.


The HTML Code customization allow code savvy users to specify the details and format of the email content further. You can refer to the Amazon HTML code policy as a guideline when coding.

Insert a Picture+Link

You can insert your own images for better illustration purposes and make the email more engaging and interesting.

When configuring the image details, please follow these steps: Upload > Image Info > Link (Optional)


Select a picture on your PC and click ”send it to the server.”

Image Info

Next, the sent image will appear on the Image Info tab where you can further specify the width and the height of the image.

The purpose of the alternative text is meant for a situation when the image can't be shown on the email for some reason. Then, the email will display the alternative text to replace the designated image.


Lastly, you can add an external link to an image. BQool recommends that you only link to YouTube tutorials because Amazon’s policy is clear to only use embedded links for tutorials and not for promotional materials. It is of paramount importance to comply with Amazon TOS.

After you have saved the setting, you can find the image in the Content. You can click on the Preview bottom on the upper right to see the presentation of your email.

You can click on the inserted “image.” Then, the system will re-direct you to the designated YouTube tutorial video. 

Attach Screenshot

More conveniently, you can directly attach a screenshot onto the email content platform as seen below and use “Preview” to see the final presentation of the email.

Insert a Message with Link

To add a link to text, simply click the “link” button, insert your text and the URL you want to link to. BQool recommends that you only link to YouTube tutorials because Amazon’s policy is clear to only use embedded links for tutorials and not for promotional materials.

Next, you can see the Text embedded with the YouTube link in the Email Content.


You can insert variables into the email to display specific order information for the individual buyer. We grouped available variables into six categories. Please click on the category to expand the list of available variables.


Popular attachments to send to buyers are often recipe books and user manuals. Please refer to the upload guideline.

    1. You need to first upload the file using the blue + logo 
    2. Click on the attached file to insert the file into your email body
    3. The file name should show up as a variable
    4. Once the file is uploaded to the Cloud base, it is not yet included in the template. Therefore, after you upload the file, please choose a position to insert the attachment variable. Only then, the file will appear on the email.

  • Add attachment upload capacity

Users can find the attachment upload capacity under the variables sections. The number of files which you can store in the attachment is only limited by the maximum storage of 50 MB. The system will factor  “saved themes,” "image upload from editor," and "attachment" into the attachment upload capacity.

The system will notify the users with a pop-up warning when the total attachment upload is over 50 MB.

Save as Template 

If you like this email template you created, save it as a template for future use. Please click on the save button in the bottom left-hand side.

Now you can preview the email before you move to the next stage by clicking the Preview icon.

Send Test Email Before Save Campaign

After finishing the content of the email with all the new exciting variables and attachments, users can Click on the Send Test email button before Save Campaign to check a final preview of the email.  

4. Filters: (Back to the Top)

There are many filters available to target more specific customers. Please remember to select the correct options after toggling one of the Filters. Please visit Email Campaign Filters for more information. 

  • Exclude/Include orders with promotion/ship promotion filters are created to avoid request Product Review on promotional order to comply with Amazon's guidelines. Please know that if you turn on include promotion orders then the emails will only create the orders applied to promotion.

Note: There are two filters that require extra authorization from Seller Central account. Please refer to the Positive Feedback Integration support article for details   

Please note that we have Removed the ability to Create a list of buyer emails with No filter from orders received in the past 1 day from campaign filters.

5. Schedule: (Back to the Top)

There are three settings you can set for your campaign schedule. Users can still specify the Campaign schedule based on fulfillment type and the given time of day.

  • Pending period of FBA Orders

    Note: The delivery option is only available for FBA orders

  • Pending period of FBM Orders

  • Email Delivery Time: as soon as possible or a fixed time at a particular time zone

[New] AI-Powered Smart Schedule

To improve the email open rate, BQool introduces the AI-Powered Schedule feature, which helps to determine the best time and date to send the customer care emails.  With the help of machine learning and big data analysis, our revolutionary AI-driven technology can predict the optimal schedule for each email. 

For more information related to the AI-Powered Smart Schedule, please visit 

AI-Powered Smart Schedule support article

Lastly, please do not forget to Save Campaign when you are done. Unlike the default Campaign, the Campaign that you created or copied can be edited at any time.


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