Repricing Gadgets


You can learn how to add various Gadget in the support article, Dashboard Gadgets. Below are some of the Repricing Gadgets available:


The most popular Repricing Gadget is the “Buy Box”. Another very useful Gadget is the “My Price & Lowest Price.”

  • For the Buy Box Gadget, we will only count the listings that have repricing enabled. Therefore, you might see a different Buy Box winning ratio in your Seller Central.

  • The My Price & Lowest Price Gadget will show you how many of your listings have competitors lower than your Min price. We also have a Favorite Filter that shows all the listings that are “competition below Min price.”

  • Here is the data updating time for each Repricing Gadget.
    Repricing Gadget Data Update Timing Note
    Listing Summary  Every 2 minutes Missing Min & Max Price feature: this error occurs if one index is missing; the listing will be counted as "Missing Min & Max Price.”
    Competition Every 2 minutes  
    Competitor's Price & Min Price Every 2 minutes  
    My Price & Min Price Every 2 minutes  
    My Price & Max Price Every 2 minutes  
    My Price & Lowest Price Every 2 minutes  
    Buy Box Every 24-hour Buy Box Win Percentage:
    Listings with the Buy Box/ the total amount of Repricing Enabled listings 
    Best Selling Items by Units Ordered Every 24-hour  
    Best Selling Items by Revenue Every 24-hour  
    Total Repricing Sales Every 24-hour  

More on Buy Box Win Percentage update:

The system will start the metrics update beginning at UTC 00:00:00 every day. However, there is still a time inconsistency when the system finishes the Buy Box win percentage update every day for some users. Please refer to the “Last Update Date” in the image presented above.

As for how the system calculates the Buy Box win percentage, is it based on the last SQS report of each listing?

Actually, the system updates the Buy Box win percentage metrics based on the analytic data collected from each batch of SQS reports.

If the listing experiences a series of intense repricing actions, the system will receive more SQS reports, which will impact the accuracy of the analytic metrics. However, if the Buy Box is transferred from one seller to another without any price change, then this phenomenon will not prompt Amazon to send a new SQS report to the BQool end. 

We highly recommend that you use the Gadgets as a guide to improve your repricing settings, such as the adjusted price % or the Min and Max range to maximize competitiveness.

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