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Rule Based - How to Raise Profit when I win the BuyBox?

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There is a common perception that repricing software will only lower your price and initiate a price war with your competitors. However, under certain situations and with the right repricing rule, we can actually assist you in repricing up. 


☛ Buy Box setting - "Raise my Buy Box price to maximize profit"

This Rule will take effect when you are in the Buy Box, and it allows you to increase the price to be closer to the closest competitor that has a higher price. In other words, the rule aims to shrink the pricing gap between you and the higher-priced seller while trying to maintain the Buy Box position.  

⊛ Note: Buy Box setting will reprice against all Buy Box eligible merchants



When you win the Buy Box, Your New price will raise to = $149.97 (Competitor B's price $149.98 - $0.01). 




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