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Can I use BQool with other third party SP-API software providers at the same time?

BQool Support
BQool Support
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Yes, you can. However, we do not recommend using two providers for the same service. For example, you should not use two repricing service providers simultaneously, but your inventory management service should work normally with our Repricing Central or Feedback Central.

Having two service providers requesting same or similar data report at the same time will not only cause issues with adjusting price conflict, but may also put your SP-API over its Throttling limit. Once you reached your request quota for your SP-API account, Amazon will deny your request for essential data until the hourly quota is under control.  In other words, it will affect the response time of our services.

Therefore, we recommend you to revoke SP-API authorization for other service provider when you are ready to begin using our service.

You can find out more about SP-API Throttling here: Usage Plans and Rate Limits in the SP-API


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