Why are my listings being delisted and marked as Potential Pricing Error?


As of January 14, 2015, Amazon introduced safety measures to reduce price error risks to sellers and avoid negative customer experiences. If Amazon's algorithm believes listings are priced too low or too high, Amazon will mark it as a potential pricing error and deactivate the affected listings. In order to start using BQool's Repricing Central, sellers will need to set a minimum and maximum allowed selling price in Repricing Central for each listing in their inventory. At the same time, we recommend you set a min and max prices in Seller Central as well to eliminate the chance of being delisted.


New users of Repricing Central will have 2 default rules available: Maximize Profit and Get Buy Box. In the Maximize Profit rule, default settings for When All Competitors are below Min Price & above Max Price is set as Max Price - $0.01. Due to recent feedback from customers regarding listings being deactivated because of this setting, we have decided to change the default settings for When All Competitors are below Min Price & above Max Price to Do not reprice


If you have listings deactivated due to potential pricing errors, you can resolve them by taking the below actions within Seller Central:

  • The Fix price alerts notification under the Potential pricing error red flag at the top left. 
  • The Fix Price Alerts option under Pricing tab at the upper left.
  • The Performance Notifications option under Performance tab at the upper left.
  • Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > filter for Inactive listings and check for pricing error notifications on listings.


In the case that your listing is deactivated, you can reactivate it by updating the listings details via: 

  • Manage Inventory
  • Price & Quantity file
  • Inventory Loader file


You can either :

  1. update your offer price, or
  2. confirm your offer price by setting “Your minimum price” and “Your maximum price” in BQool Repricing Central so that your offer price is within Amazon Seller Central minimum and maximum price range. It's very important to take into consideration that Seller Central's Min and Max price does not include shipping while BQool's Min and Max does includes shipping. The example below illustrates possible settings for an FBM seller with a shipping of $5. The range in Seller Central is made wider than necessary in this example for illustration purposes:
      Min price Max price
    In Amazon Seller Central
    (these prices exclude shipping)
    15 45
    In BQool Repricing Central
    (these prices include shipping)
    25 40


Note: If you only update the offer price and do not set a minimum and maximum price range, Amazon will continue to use internal data to help detect potential pricing errors, and you will receive more frequent pricing error notices from Amazon.

Note 2: As long as you have properly set your min and max price range to be wider in Seller Central than in Repricing Central, BQool will never reprice your listing below your min price or above your max price and Amazon will not detect any pricing error or delist your listing.


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