05-06-2015 Amazon CA + Feedback / Review Central Updates (BQool 3.0.3)


New Features and Improvements

  1. Repricing, Feedback, and Review Central is now available for Amazon CA. You can now manage listings, automatically reprice, manage feedback and product reviews on Amazon CA after you have added your Merchant ID.
  2. You can now create and use email templates in Feedback and Review Central. Templates could save you time dramatically when answering similar questions.
  3. New Contact Customer action has been added to Feedback and Review Central. You can now contact the buyer about his feedback or product review directly using BQool. This prevents you from having to go through the complicated Amazon Seller central to respond to feedback and reviews.
  4. Review Central replaced the "Review" column fields with 2 new column fields (Review Stars and Total Reviews).

    Review Stars: Shows how many stars the average customer review is (max is 5 stars)
    Total Reviews: Shows number of total customer reviews and displays the number of reviews per star


  5. New Contact Seller Support action has been added to Feedback and Review Central. You can now contact Amazon Seller Support directly using BQool to report any misplaced or problematic feedback or product review so that they can be removed.
  6. Added Account Activation Progress. Now you can see your activation progress when you start your account or trial, so that you would know exactly when your account is completely set up and are ready to manage your listings.
  7. Feedback Central will now automatically check and show the status of feedback under the Status column.
  8. Feedback Status is now added to Feedback Central.

    Go to Feedback > Marketplace > Feedback Status

    BQool automatically assigns new feedback as Open. Here, you can control whether the initial status of new feedback should be Open or Closed based on the star rating.

    For example, if your feel that no action is needed for 3-star (Neutral) feedback, you can change the status to Closed. All 3-star feedback received from Amazon after this setting is saved will be automatically marked as Closed.

  9. Update in Repricing Rule: Wording change in Create Rule, for both Basic and Advanced settings.

    Changed "Do not compete with Featured Merchant" to "Do not compete with FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) listings"
    Changed "Do not compete with FBA listings" To "Do not compete with FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) listings"

  10. "Add a Comment" action no longer available for Amazon CA because the feature was removed from Amazon API for Amazon CA. It will not be available until further changes from Amazon API.

BQool 3.0.3

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