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Potential Upload File errors

BQool Support
BQool Support
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Potential Upload File errors may include:

  1. Min Price > Max Price
    The Max Price value that you input must be greater than Min Price value.

  2. Duplicate Seller SKU entries, with conflicting Min/Max Prices

  3. Invalid rule
    Please make sure the Rule assigned to a certain listing matches the Rule Name in "Repricing Rules." Also, the Rule Name is case sensitive.

  4. Having symbols in the Cost, Min Price, or Max Price (such as , / $ / #).

  5. Spacing Error
    Do not use spaces in columns. 

  6. Wrong file format
    Please make sure the file is uploaded as a tab-delimited text file (.txt). Once you have finished editing in the excel format, please click "Save As" and choose "Text (tab-delimited)" as the file type.

  7. No leading zero before a decimal point
    If there is no zero before a decimal point for numbers in the excel format, it results in an invalid number in the file. By placing a zero before the decimal, it assists the system in recognizing decimal numbers less than one and prevents any potential errors made by users. For example, if you’d like to input 1.01 but mistakenly input .01, then the system will recognize that the value has been inputted incorrectly.
  8. Shipping Fee is null.
    The FBM shipping cost can't be less than 0.00.

  9. The inputted value is not numeric.
    BQool doesn't support the EU price format. It only supports the US price format. (e.g. 1,234.99)

Please do email us with both the Excel version and the Text version of your uploaded file. Our support staff will try to figure out the error for you.



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