26-02-2014 Repricing: New Interface & Features


Reprice in real time? Check. New Amazon API? Check. But, can I compete with more than one competitor, increase prices while in the Buy Box, and always have my listings updated? Check, check, check.

BQool’s Repricing Central is now rolling out new advanced strategies and settings to help you sell more.

With these latest additions, Repricing Central gives you an edge because it’s designed to avoid mishaps with Amazon’s list price change notifications and prompts, something other repricers have failed to overcome. In other words, your listings will always be updated regardless of notification failures, and listings will never ever be overlooked.

You no longer have to wonder why your repricer seems to be inactive, why a bulk of your listings has not been repriced, and why new listings are not available to be repriced. You’ll stay up to speed because Repricing Central’s processing of Amazon’s API ensures that when you want you reprice, you will reprice.


Brand new Buy Box repricing features:

  1. Choose to automatically boost prices while in the Buy Box to increase margin
  2. Or choose to automatically lower prices while in the Buy Box to stay ahead of your competitors


Some improvements you’ll notice:


Items repriced hourly Items reprice in real time
Listing changes synced daily Listing changes sync hourly
Your competition included the 10 lowest priced competitors Your competition includes the 20 lowest priced competitors
You stopped repricing when you obtained the lowest price position Even when you obtain the lowest price position, you automatically reprice to close the gap between you and the next low priced competitor, improving your margin!


Great features you’ve always enjoyed, now expanded:

Continue selecting with whom and how you want to compete against specific sellers: Amazon, FBA, FBM, Non Featured Merchants, and sellers with low ratings

  • And now, you can specify how you compete based on your fulfillment type, either FBA or FBM. For instance, you can set different settings for [your FBA vs competitor’s FBA] AND [your FBM vs competitor’s FBA]
  • You can also exclude or include specific sellers by name!


Brand new Add New Rule interface:

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Easy to use
  3. Optimal default settings already in place
  4. More advanced
  5. Cleaner look

Now you can reprice more effectively with even greater response times while ensuring your margins are always at optimal levels. Login today to see for yourself!

Updated: Feb 26, 2014 01:56AM PST

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