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Quickly Set up Min Price , Max Price and Rule to start repricer - Part 1

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Getting Started: Repricing Central


  • Min Price: The lowest price that the customer set which includes shipping and other relevant costs.

  • Max Price: The highest price that the customer set which includes shipping and other relevant costs.

  • The BQool system only reprices between Min and Max Price. In other words, the calculated price will not be less than the Min Price or more than the Max Price.

Set the Min Price and Max Price


Method A:
Individual Setting:
Listings→Active Listings→Set Min and Max for each ASIN



Method B:

Profit Calculator

The seller must enter their cost and the other possible amounts (such as profits) to calculate the Min or Max Price or enter a cost and Min/ Max prices to calculate the profit.  Click on the calculator icon under the Min Price or Max Price column to open the calculator interface.



  • Input a Min or Max Price, and hit Enter to see what your profit margin or ROI would be





  • Input what profit margin or ROI you wish to achieve and hit Enter to see what your min and max prices need to be



After you click the reload button all three fields will update. When you are done editing your min or max price, click Save. Your min or max price will be saved.



For more information regarding Profit Calculator, please visit Profit Calculator

Method C:

Multiple Setting (Bulk Action):
Select multiple ASINs as in the below illustration and click “Set Min/Max Price & Rule“.




Choose the setting method from “Set Min Price based on…” or “Set Max Price based on…”-> Click “On“-> Save.

  • When $ is selected, the value can be input to two decimal places.

  • In different marketplaces, the corresponding currency icon ($/¥/£/€) will be shown.


PS. When you choose “Profit”, “Profit Margin”, or “ROI” under “Set Min/Max Price & Rule“: The calculation could process up to 10 listings per minute



For more information regarding Bulk Method to Enter Min / Max, please visit Bulk Method


 Method D:

Upload File Setting: The user can set up the fixed Min/ Max Prices and Rules by uploading the report onto the BQool system. Please follow the instructions below:

Select “Upload File”


Select “Repricing Central File “and click “Download Blank Template“


Click on the "Repricing Template" tab below in Excel to create your Repricing Central File. (The Column Channel, Seller SKU, Rule Name, Min Price, and Max Price are necessary.)

Once you have finished editing, save the file as a tab-delimited text file (.TXT). Click "Save As" and choose "Text (Tab delimited)" as the file type.



Go back to the Repricing Central page, click “Locate File to Upload” to upload the completed file, and click “Upload Now”. 



For more information regarding File Upload Method to Enter Min / Max, please visit Bulk Upload: File Upload Method


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