Email Customer (Find Order ID)


Find Order ID

With BQool, you can contact the customer by Add a comment or Contact Customer. Emailing the customer directly is more effective than leaving a public comment. Using BQool's Find Order ID feature, you'll be able to match the customer reviews with an Amazon order. Here's how:


Hover your mouse over Review Central > Marketplaces > Manage Reviews.


  1. For the selected review, hover your mouse over Actions and click on Find Order ID. You will see all the listings that match the ASIN for the past 30 days. As the longer you used BQool, you will be able to search more orders.

    Note: During the first day of the free trial, we will download orders from the past 30 days.

  2. Compare Pen Name or Recipient Name with the Buyer Name and click Select to match the review with the order.

    Note: BQool will display the best possible matches first, so you'll see them on the top of the results list.

  3. After you've matched the order, click on Contact Customer in the Actions menu or within the details of the review.


Once you've completed the above, BQool will re-direct you back to the default search. You may change the status of the review to Pending Reply from the Actions menu.

Alternative Solution: Using HTML Code to Match Order ID

However, Amazon has continuously changed their encryption algorithm to make it harder for the seller contacting the reviewers. BQool's IT engineers have been doing the best to figure another alternative solution to match the Reviewer's Order ID. Here we present the latest method to find the Order ID if the method mentioned above has failed to do so.

This method requires that the solicitation Email has been sent to the reviewer before from Feedback Central.

 Here are the steps to match the order ID. 

1. Go to Reviewer Profile>On the profile page, 'copy the picture address.' 

2. Paste on the note, where you can find the Reviewer ID

3. Go to Seller Central and click Message> click All message

4. Click on the email which has sent to the reviewer before on All message and click F12 to open HTML code. When the HTML code shows up, use "Control +F” to enter the Reviewer ID and try to match with the same Reviewer ID on the HTML column. If there is a match, you will have found the Order ID.

Please note that if you directly search on All message, there won’t be any possible outcome. I highly recommend you click through the emails under All Messages and try to find the match from HTML column. This method requires several attempts to match the right Reviewer ID with the ideal Order ID.


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