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Filters Introduction

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Start with managing your listings

Select Listings > Active Listings Marketplaces > Manage Listings.


Once listings are loaded, you can use the filter on the left-side to help you navigate to the listings you want to reprice.


Favorite Filters


  • All: Shows all the listings.
  • Active: Shows your listing that is available on Amazon and ready to accept orders.
  • Inactive(out of stock): Shows your listing that is not available on Amazon, due to out of stock.
  • Repricing Enabled: Shows all listings that have repricing enabled. 
  • Repricing Paused: Shows all listings that have repricing paused. 


Listings Health 


  • Listings match /not match Buy Box Price: Show listings match or not match Buy Box Price based on SQS records.
  • Listings at /not at the lowest price: Shows your listing that is at or is not at the lowest price.
  • Listings with/without competition: Shows all the listings that have competition at least 1. Or you are the only seller for this listing.
  • Listings at Min Price: Shows all listings that are currently priced at min price. 
  • Listings at Max Price: Shows all listings that are currently priced at max price. 
  • Competition below Min Price: Shows all listings that have the majority of the Price competition below your Min Price. This means that you may want to lower your Min Price in order to compete with those sellers.  
  • Missing Min & Max Price: Shows all listings that don't have Min or Max Price inputted. 
  • Missing Rule: Shows all listings that don't have a rule assigned.
  • Missing Cost: Show the listings that don't have cost entered.
  • Missing FBM shipping cost: Show the FBM listings that does not have the shipping cost updated from the listings data report.
  • Missing Est. Profit: show the listings that are unable to calculate the Est. Profit. Could be missing cost or missing My price + shipping
  • Missing Group: sort out SKUs which have not been assigned to any groups.

Special Feature: Competition Below Min Price

After you have done setting all the Repricing Rule. Here is the tip for you to make sure no competitors could threaten the possibility for your to win Buy Box.

You can use the Competition Below Min Price feature to sort off the listings in bulk.  You can go to Default filter and use “Competition below min price” category show all listings that have competition priced below the Min Price. 

It is prudent to check whether there are any Competitors’ Price under your Min Price on a daily basis since the Buy Box ownership normally goes to the lowest price competitor. Sometimes, you might set the Min Price too high or too far off from other competitors. This filter can be a good indicator to think about your Min/Max Price parameters.  

Based on the Competitor Analysis of those listings, you may want to lower the Min Price in order to compete with those sellers so as to trigger more repricing activities and compete for the Buy Box Price.  

Then again, if you don’t want to engage with this never-ending cut-throat price competition, you can actually price up and wait until the low-priced seller to sell-out.    


You are able to select multiple filters at once


  • Listing Health:

Customers can select multiple Listings Health with other general filters (status, position, rank…etc.) they want to filter by. 




⁕ When there are more than 2 Listings Health selected, the logic for this scenario is OR

For example, if “Listings match buy box price” and “Competition below min price” are selected, listings that meet either of these 2 criteria will be filtered, as opposed to both of them.


⁕ When Listings Health is selected with general filters (status, position, rank…etc.), the logic for this scenario is AND

For example, if “listings match buy box price / FBA / Offer: 1-10” are selected, listings that meet all criteria will be filtered out. In other words, the filter result will be listings which are matching buy box price, fulfilled by FBA and offer value is within 1-10. 

  • Repricing:

Repricing Enabled: Allow Repricing according to customers' rule setting.

Repricing Paused: Stop Repricing if it’s necessary.

Repricing Schedule: Regular Repricing based on customers' rule schedule.

  • Seller SKU:

SKUs can be input in the column for further search.

  • Status:

Customers can select “All”, “Active” or “Inactive” depending on the listing status they need.

(Note: “Active” status: at least one stock on Amazon;“Inactive” status : there is out of stock on Amazon)

  • Condition:

Users can choose the listing conditions from the range of New to Refurbished if it’s necessary.




  • Title:

It will be easier for customers to enter the title of the listings for further search.




  • Fulfillment:

The fulfillment “FBA”, “FBM”, or select “All” to choose the listings the customer needs.

FBA: Fulfillment By Amazon service that helps businesses grow by providing access to Amazon's logistics network.

FBM: Fulfillment By Merchant service that the seller is in control of the entire handling and shipping process.

  • Offers:

It includes the numbers of the customer and other competitors which could be filtered by this function.

  • ASIN:

ASINs can be input in the column for further search.

  • Buy Box Wins:

The percentage that you wins the Buy Box.

  • Buy Box Owner:

Buy Box Owner including “Suppressed”, “Amazon “, “FBA “and “FBM “can be filtered based on the system updated.

This records of the Buy Box Owner in the filter are only updated once per day so that the data would have a discrepancy between the records on Competitor Analytics which is the latest data.

  • Position:

You rank between all competitors

  • Rank:

The rank that the listing of the customer compared with other same listing types on Amazon.

  • Small and Light:

Customers can search the listings with SL “Enabled/Disabled” or select “All”.  


  • Date Created:

Enter the date period that the listings created to search the items you need.

  • Quantity:

The listings amount could be input for further search.

  • Cost:

The listing cost range could be set if it's necessary.

  • Min Price:

You could search the listings by entering the range of Min Price.

  • Max Price:

You could search the listings by entering the range of Max Price.

  • Rule:

The rule setting can be selected and filtered to meet your requirement:

“All AI Rule”, “All Conditional Repricing Rules”, “All Rule-Based Rules” or other rules that you selected could be filtered if it’s necessary.



  • Your Price:

The current price range can be input for further search.

  • Units Sold (last 30 days):

The numbers of listing range that sold from last 30 days.

  • Units Sold (last 7 days):

The numbers of listings range that sold from last 7 days.

  • Est. Profit / Est. Profit Margin / ROI (Return on Investment)

You could search the listings by entering the range of Est. Profit / Est. Profit Margin. (Unit: %) 


  • Top 20 Competitors:

You could filter top 20 competitors by including or excluding and type of the competitors.



:yellow_star: After you select the necessary filters, they may click “Search” to preview the listings that would show up in their searches.






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