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Bulk Method to Enter Min / Max / Rule and Cost

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Use bulk actions to apply edits to multiple listings simultaneously.



Please note that BQool's Min and Max need to include shipping fees, so inactive listings with missing shipping fees will NOT be able to use the Bulk Action.

Set Min/Max Price & Rule

Quickly set up repricing using the bulk actions.

  1. Select the listings you want to edit by using the checkboxes.
  2. Click Bulk Actions > Set Min/Max Price & Rule


  3. A window pane will pop up. Please select the field(s) of your choice. Then input your Min Price, Max Price, and/or Rule you would like to apply. The Bulk Action Set Min/Max Price & Rule will allow you to apply the selection to one of the six options. 

    The Bulk Action feature allows users to set up Min and Max Price based on Est.Profit, Profit Margin or ROI% for multiple listings at once.


The users can choose to apply the Bulk Action to the following listings: 

    • Selected Listings when you click on Bulk Actions
    • All listings missing Min Price, Max Price, and Rule
    • Group of your choice.

The user can set the Min and Max Price based on the following options: 
Your Price + Shipping (current selling price)±_____%


Fixed Price=$____


mceclip4.png_____%Profit Margin



1. It is recommended to select the following Repricing safety feature: 

2. For the New Bulk action based on fixed Est. Profit,  ROI and Profit Margin features,

Please input the "Cost" to the selected listings before proceeding with the Bulk Action calculation. Otherwise, the calculation cannot be viable. 

The Bulk Est. ProfitROIProfit Margin calculation could process up to 10 listings per minute. We recommend keeping the number of listings less than 10 for optimal performance. If the number of selected listings is more than 10, the system needs longer processing time to generate the result. 

3. The Bulk actions based on est profit,  fixed ROI and Profit Margin are available starting from $50 "monthly plan/$540 annual plan and above plan.

4. The currency symbol  will be presented  in accordance with the given marketplace: 

Marketplaces Currency Symbol
 US / CA / MX $
JP ¥
DE / ES / FR / IT
UK £

4. Click Save to apply the changes.

Changes may fail to take effect if:

    • You choose to set your Min and Max Price based on cost, but there is no cost entered
    • Your Min or Max Price is a negative figure  

Users can also refer to Bulk Action Status and History for more listings process information.

Users can click on the view report icon to check out the Bulk Action Failed Listings Report.

Under the Error Message header, users can find the cause of the calculation errors.



1. Once the users proceed to change Min/Max price by using Bulk Action and save it afterward, the system will generate a corresponding record in the "Bulk Action Status and History."

2. The system can only generate up to 10 Bulk Action records. The latest record will display at the top of the sequence of the history records.  
3.The system only keeps each record for 48 hours and remove it automatically after the given period. 
4.If the latest bulk action changes is still pending and processing, users can proceed onto other bulk action configurations. The system will process each bulk action configurations in serial order.  

Set Cost

Set cost for multiple listings simultaneously using bulk actions.

  1. Select the listings you want to edit using the checkboxes.
  2. Click Bulk Actions > Set Cost.
  3. A windowpane will pop up.


    Set Cost Based on 
    You can set your cost based on Your Price + Shipping (current selling price), or you can enter a specific number.

    Setup FBM Shipping Cost 
    You can also set FBM shipping costs here.

    Setup Additional Cost
    The additional cost filed is meant for users to factor other product-related costs (i.e. inbound shipping fee) when configuring the Min & Max price and Your Price.
    Please don’t input values related to Amazon fees and FBM shipping costs to this field.
  4. Click Save to apply the changes.The changes will also take effect in the Price Calculator.

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