Dashboard Gadgets


Dashboard Gadgets

The Dashboard shows an overview of your account, performance, and notifications.






The dashboard is populated with boxes of information called gadgets. Each page has a different set of gadgets, and you can customize which gadgets to show for each page, as well as customize how the gadgets are arranged.

  • To add a gadget, click the Add Gadget button.
    The top row shows which page of the Dashboard the gadgets correspond to.

  • Click Add to add the gadget to the Dashboard.

  • You can customize certain parts of each gadget by using the buttons on the top right corner.

    Color: changes the color of the top of the gadget pane.
    Hide: minimizes the gadget pane, but does not remove it from the Dashboard.
    Expand: enlarges the gadget pane to the width of the browser window. It also hides all other gadgets.
    Close: removes the gadget from the Dashboard.
    More Information: shows more information about the gadget.

  • Some gadgets also enable you to view data as a chart or graph. Click the buttons next to Display to toggle between chart and graph mode.



  • To change the layout of the Dashboard, click Layout and select the arrangement you want.
  • You can also click and drag the gadgets to change their positions on the page.

There are 4 different Dashboards, each one showing different information.


Main Dashboard

The Main Dashboard shows an overview of your account, performance, and notifications.
Some notable gadgets are:

  • Notifications: shows recent activity associated with your account.

    Note: Your notifications will also show up as Unread Messages at the top of the page.

  • Most Frequent Buyers: shows the best repeat customers based on total orders placed and purchase amount. Clicking on the Orders Placed number next to the customer's name will show the customer's order history.
  • Best Selling Items by Revenue: shows the best selling items based on sales revenue.
  • Total Order placed and Total Unit Ordered: We will only count the orders that were release from MWS as fulfilled completed. The data will keep on updating for the past 30 days period.

Note: We will only download the shipped orders, so our order total does not include the cancelled ad pending orders.

Repricing Dashboard

Note: The data in the Repricing Dashboard is based on listings with repricing enabled.

Some notable gadgets are:

  • Competition: shows the number of listings with or without competition.
  • Buy Box: shows listings that won the Buy Box.
  • Competitor's Price vs Min Price: shows how many of your listings are priced at Min Price. Indicates which products are and are not competitive.
  • My Price vs Max Price: shows the number of listings in which you are maximizing your profit.
  • My Price vs Min Price: shows the number of listings in which you are making the least profit.


BigCRM Dashboard

The BigCRM Dashboard tab contains five different options--Ticket, Feedback, Review, Sales, and Account Health.  



The Ticket Analytics gives you a quick overview of your past 30 to 90 days tickets status regarding the number of New Tickets, Solved/Unsolved Tickets, Sent Messages, Average Response time and more.



Feedback Analytics 

The Feedback Analytics will display the amount of positive and negative feedback, the total amount of feedback received, the amount of negative feedback removed, and the total number of orders received. 


By scrolling down the page, the users can find other two new features: Feedback Rating and Buyers with Most Positive / Negative Feedback.



If users only have a Feedback Central subscription, there won’t be any data available after the BigCRM upgrade. However, BigCRM provides 5 listings of review tracking for free. Users can turn on Review Tracker and select whichever 5 ASINs to track reviews for. More detailed functions will be introduced in the UGC section. 



If uses originally had a Review Central subscription, the system will display the corresponding review data and information.  The Review Analytics displays the number of Positive, Neutral and Negative reviews in accordance to the tracked ASINs.  It will also display the number of Negative Reviews removed and the number of orders received in the past 30 to 90 days.  
Furthermore, the system displays the negative to neutral reviews. (Only the most recent 10 reviews will be displayed. )





The BigCRM Sales tab indicates the sales performance information regarding Total sales, Total Orders Placed and Total Units Ordered, etc. for a certain period of time  
By scrolling down the page users can find two new features, Best Selling Items, and Most Frequent Buyers. 
For the Best Selling Items, the user can use the drop-down menu to sort the items by the number of units ordered as well as by sales for a given period of time. 
For the Most Frequent Buyers feature, the user can use the drop-down menu to sort Loyal Buyers by the number of orders placed as well as by sales for a given period of time. 

mceclip6.png mceclip7.png

Account Health  

The Account Health page presents a comprehensive account performance overview and provides the Alert Notification Feature to inform users when the Amazon Store Service fails to meet their performance targets. BQool understand how important it is to meet target requirements for each metric in an effort to avoid any negative impact on selling privileges or seller feedback. The Alert feature can also help avoid suspension of the user's Amazon Store.  
For more information regarding performance targets, visit Seller Performance Measurement.


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