Repricing Rule – Compete with Buy Box Price and Custom Settings


The two biggest changes to the repricing rule upgrade are the availability to compete with the Buy Box price and the new custom settings to filter out unwanted competitors. This will allow you to reprice only against specific competitors which helps you sell at a higher profit margin.

Buy Box Settings

The Buy Box Setting will determine how your price will react when you are in the Buy Box. Previously, the Buy Box Settings will compete with both FBA and FBM by default, but now you will be able to select the competitor's fulfillment type. We recommend excluding Non-Featured Merchants.


Price Change Safety Net

The Price Change Safety Net will protect you from a large one-time price drop. There are two separate Safety Net settings for Buy Box Settings and regular Repricing Settings. Please remember to set up both. It will be turned off by default. 

The Safety Net will only be triggered when the target competitor’s price causes your price to drop beyond the percentage you set under "When the adjusted price is lower than Your Price by X%." You will be able to "limit the adjusted price each time to = Your Price - Y%." 


To illustrate how this works, let's assume:

  1. The adjusted price is above the Min Price
  2. You entered 50% for X value and 10% for Y value 

Here are 3 scenarios using the above values: 

  • Example 1: When the Safety Net will activate

Your price = $10.00

The target competitor’s price = $4

Price Drop = - $6.01 (over 50%)

Your new price = $9.00 ($10.00 - 10%) NOT $3.99

  • Example 2: When the Safety Net will NOT activate

Your price = $10.00

The target competitor’s price = $7.00

Price Drop = - $3.01 (under 50%)

Your new price = $6.99 (competitor price - $0.01)

  • Example 3Safety Net activates due to low offer price

Your Price = $10.00

The target competitor’s price = $1.00 + $6.00 shipping (Total $7.00)

Price Drop  = -$9.01 ((1.00 - 0.01) - 10 over 50%)

Your new price = $9.00 ($10.00 - 10%) NOT $6.99 (0.99+6.00 shipping)


Compete with Buy Box Price

You now have the option to compete directly versus the Buy Box Price to adjust your price. This does not guarantee to win the Buy Box as there are many other factors involved, but it gives you a good chance to share the rotation or staying in More Buying Choices. There are two new scenarios that were not available for competing with the lowest price.


  • Buy Box Winner found below Min or above Max (When Buy Box Winner is out of your Min & Max price range) 
    In the new version of Repricing Central, we separate the settings corresponding to the two different competition scenarios.
    -Buy Box winner is found below Min Price.
    -Buy Box winner is found above Max Price.

    The new rule update offers more flexible settings to users so they can design different repricing to tackle when different competition scenarios happen.

    There are four variables in each scenario including “Do Not Reprice”, “Min Price”, “Max Price” and “Fixed Price” to design the repricing rules.

  • No Buy Box Winner found (When no one owns the Buy Box)  

Please take your time to think about these two scenarios and set up the price adjustment you would like.

Note: Please avoid “No leading zero before a decimal point” when inputting the price change value in the rule.

If there is no zero before a decimal point for numbers in price changed column, it results in an “Invalid Number” in the system. By placing a zero before the decimal, it assists the system in recognizing decimal numbers less than one and prevents any potential errors made by users. For example, if you’d like to input 1.01 but mistakenly input .01, then the system will recognize that the value has been inputted incorrectly.


Custom Settings

Delivery and Sub-condition

There are a total of 5 new Custom Settings added with this upgrade. The settings can be categorized under Delivery and Sub-condition.

You can now exclude or compete only with certain Delivery practices

  • Exclude/Include only Sellers with free shipping
  • Exclude/Include only Sellers with expedited shipping
  • Exclude Back-ordered: You will not compete with sellers with availability indicating a future date
  • Exclude handling time: There are options ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks


With Used and Collectible Conditions, you will be able to compete with 5 different Sub-conditions. The options to compete against Same and Same-or-better will automatically select the Sub-condition(s) for you. For example, if you are Very Good, you will only compete with Like New and Very Good. You will not compete with Good and Acceptable.

  • Selecting compete against Used/Collectible: You will need to select the sub-condition(s) you want to compete with from Like New to Acceptable.

Note: Amazon will give itself Availability = Now, but with handling day more than 1 week. In this case, you will need to turn on the Exclude handling time to not compete with Amazon listings with long handling time.

Exclude Competing with your Own Account and Cut-throat Competition 

A friendly reminder, there are two scenarios where the “Exclude Seller ID” feature can come and handy from Custom Setting.  

With this gruesome price war, there will always be some sellers who purposefully drive the Price way to low and disrupt the whole market price. Additionally, some Amazon sellers have multiple accounts on Amazon and try not to compete with itself to lose profits. (i.e. a BQool user has up to 36 accounts on Amazon, he/she may need to exclude other 35 accounts to avoid profit loss.) 

With those two scenarios, the Custom Setting can help to Exclude or Compete only with Certain Amazon Sellers. Scroll down to the last section of each Repricing Rule, where you can find the Custom Setting. Please note that Custom Settings will take precedence over Repricing Settings and Advanced Settings. 

 To add a seller to the list, follow the steps below: 

-Select either Exclude or Include Only from the drop-down menu, then click Add Seller ID. 

-Enter a seller ID. 

-To obtain a seller ID, go to the seller's Amazon profile page shown in the picture below. In your browser's URL bar, at the end of the URL after seller= is the seller ID. 

-Click Add when you're done. 

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