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There are a few settings that are available to enhance your user experience under the Managing Listings tab. All the options are turned off by default. Once you turn on the option, we will automatic process the settings you selected or entered.

1. Set Default Time Zone 

You can set a default Time Zone for your Repricing Central. This time zone will be the time that is displayed on all time related function and data record.


Simply select the country and the time zone that you prefer.

2. Reset Your Price When  Out of Stock

Turning on this option, we will send a final price adjustment after we receive the data report from Amazon’s API when you are out of stock. You can select from last adjusted price, Min Price or Max Price then with +/- actual price or percentage.


When the product is in high demand, this setting can help you to reset your price higher when you restock the listing.

3. Set Min, Max, Rule, Cost, FBM Shipping Cost & VAT rate

Turning on this setting will allow you to assign default values to new listings when it is download for the first time. All the listings that already exist before turning on this setting will not be affected. 


The first 4 options are the same setting under the Bulk Actions - Set Min/Max Price & Rule. The two additional options are the same under the Bulk Actions – Set Cost.

Last option can help you to set a default FBM shipping price, so the profit calculator can be accessed without waiting for shipping fee update. 

Note: The Set VAT option will only be available for the EU marketplaces subscription

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