Add products into Product Tracker


Product Tracker is a place where Amazon sellers can view the historical data of each product they would like to monitor.

You can search with the keywords and narrow down the results by using Refine



View the detailed information about the search results via Analysis.



Advanced Search

1. Click on the Advanced Search button next to the search bar. You will see various filters for narrowing down the search. Click on “Search” to start your searching.


2. You can save the filter settings for future search. Simply enter the name of this search and click Save. 


3. The filter settings will be saved under the “Saved Search” tab. You can set it as Default by clicking the tick-off icon. To delete a search, simply click on the trash can icon.


Add Product

To add products, please click on Add Product button on the top. Hover over the button to get a quick overview of your subscription.


Select Marketplace > Enter ASIN or URL of the product you’d like to track > Select Group if needed > Click Add Product. You can upgrade your plan to track more products by clicking the blue Upwards Arrow.




Navigate to Settings > Preference. You will be able to customize your page display.




You can download the tracking results to a CSV file. This feature is available starting from $100 monthly plan.




You can adjust the time frame of the historical data with History settings.



Column Description

The data are associated with the time frame settings next to History. If you set 1D (1 day), it will show the data at the time we updated. If you set more than 1D (1 day), then it will show the average number during that period.

  • Category: The category of the product
  • Price: The Buy Box price of the product
  • Price %: The extent of the increase/decrease in Buy Box price
  • Rank: The Sales Rank of the product
  • Rank %: The extent of the increase/decrease in Sales Rank
  • Reviews: Total review counts of the product
  • Reviews %: The extent of the increase/decrease in total review counts
  • Rating: The review rating of the product
  • Rating %: The extent of the increase/decrease in review rating
  • Sellers: The number of sellers
  • Sellers %: The extent of the increase/decrease in number of sellers
  • Sales: Estimated orders of the product
  • Sales %: The extent of the increase/decrease in estimated orders
  • Revenue: Estimated revenue of the product based on the Buy Box price and estimated sales
  • Revenue %: The extent of the increase/decrease in Est. Revenue
  • Inventory: Inventory of the Buy Box owner
  • Inventory %: The extent of the increase/decrease in Est. Inventory
  • Size Tier: The package size of the ASIN. It’s defined by Amazon: Standard or Oversize.



Click on the scale icon to add a product to Compare. You can compare up to 5 products at a time.


Navigate to Product Tracker > Product Compare.


There will be a graphical representation of the data. You can switch among various sections to compare. The data is associated with the time frame settings on the top right corner.


You will also be able to see if there were/are any deals and when it was/is running.




Use Group feature to organize the products you’d like to keep track of.

  • Add to Group

Click the star icon > Select the Group you want to add in > Save.


Save your time by using Bulk Actions to add multiple items into a group.


  • Add New Group

There are two methods to create a group:

  1. Create a group via All Group > Add New Group.


Enter the Group Name and click Save.


  1. Click the star icon > open the drop-down menu > Add New Group.


  • Group Actions


  1. Edit: Rename the group and set the Nest Group if needed
  2. Copy: You can share the group with your colleague. If you’d like to copy for your own, please select your email address.
  3. Add Group Alert: Set up alerts for the products in the group
  4. Delete: Delete the group



If an alert is required, it will be sent within 24 hours.

  • Product Alert

Click on the bell icon to open Alerts settings.


Here you can set up alerts for various situations. Please click on each title to extend the filters.


  • Group Alert

Using Group Alert is an uncomplicated way to turn on alerts in bulk.

  1. Group the products.
  2. Navigate to Group > Select a Group > Alerts. It will apply to all products included in this group.
  3. Click on each title to extend the filters and customize the alert for this group.


Notice: Group Alert will overwrite Product Alert settings. If you have activated Product Alert for the products in the group, all settings will be reset and disabled.


Profit Calculator

Click on the calculator icon to open the profit calculator.




Use Note feature to record the ideas and keep your team on the same page. 

To add a note, please click on the message icon.


It will bring you to the page where you can take notes.




You can delete the products by clicking the trash can icon.


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