Amazon Top 100 Overview


In Amazon Top 100, you will see five different categories of popular products on Amazon. You can click on each tab and search further in that category.

  • Best sellers: The products that most people buy from the past 10 weeks.
  • Hot New Release: Popular products that were launched recently.
  • Movers & Shakers: The products that are quickly gaining in sales rank.
  • Most Wished for: The products that most people want to receive as gifts.
  • Most Gifted: The products that most people send as gifts.

You can use the top search bar to narrow down to different categories.



You can also see a list of multiple departments of products under each category by clicking the drop down list on the top search bar.

- For example, in Hot New Releases, for "Camera & Photo", is an Instant Camera ranking as first.



To search for a specific product, simply type in keywords.

For example, a search for “iPhone 7 case”, brings up the following results:


On the right-hand column, you can see the information for products, which are:

  • Category: The category this product belongs to.
  • Price: The current price on Amazon.
  • Rank: The current sales rank for the category.
  • Reviews: The number of total reviews that buyers left on the product
  • Ratings: The average ratings for the product
  • Sellers: The seller counts that currently selling this product  
  • Estimated Sales (30 days): The estimated orders amount for the past 30 days
  • Estimated Revenue (30 days): The estimated sale revenue for the past 30 days
  • Size Tier: specify whether the product is standard or oversize.


  Add to Product Tracker: Click to add the product to Product Tracker list.

    Refresh: Click to update the product information. Since our database is shared among all BigTracker users. The more users, the more updated product information there will be. 

   Profit Calculator: Click in to calculate for est. profit, est. margin and ROI. Put in "cost" and click Reload to see an estimated figures.



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