01-03-2017 Change Log for Repricing and Feedback



We’re excited to announce the following changes in Repricing Central, Feedback Central, and Review Central. These will be the first changes of many for the coming year.

All Products

When a user checks the box in front of a listing, the listing will be highlighted in blue as shown in below screenshot. This change will apply to below interfaces: 

    • Marketplaces > Manage Listings
    • Repricing > Manage Listings 
    • Repricing > Repricing Rules
    • Feedback > Emails > Campaigns (Pending Email and Blocked Email)
    • Feedback > Emails > EU VAT invoice
    • Feedback > Images
    • Feedback > Blacklist
    • Reviews > Manage Reviews
    • My Account > Notification Center

Repricing Central

  1. Under Upload File, we have added error message for entering incorrect data in header, row, and SellerSKU for IL-Closed-Batch-Report.

  2. Under Manage Listings, shipping cost for inactive FBA listings will be defaulted to “0” in the Profit Calculator.

Feedback Central

  1. EU VAT invoices, which were originally available in English only, have now been translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Buyers on Amazon FR, DE, IT, and ES will now receive VAT invoices in their native languages.
    As an example, below is a screenshot of a VAT invoice in French. You will be able to insert company logo and input company details at the top as well as include a customized message to buyers in the space at the bottom left corner.

  2. Under Feedback > Settings > EU VAT Invoices > Create & Deliver EU VAT invoices > Schedule, user can choose to automatically or manually send EU VAT invoices. For automatic send, toggle on or off and select whether to send to FBA, FBM, or both type of orders. For manual send, users can manually add VAT invoice to each EU buyer.

  3. Under Feedback > Settings > General > Positive Feedback Integration, the previous status will remain the same when user clicks “Save”, regardless of what changes user makes on this page. For example, if the status was previously ON, it will remain ON even if user changed it to OFF. No changes made will take effect until the daily scheduled system update. 

  4. Under Feedback > Campaigns, after user makes changes to Default Campaigns and save a copy, the changes made will apply to the new saved campaign. No changes can be made to Default Campaigns.


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